Kanowyn Doodles

Greetings. I am Kano, or Kanowyn. I am so pleased you are here! I am an artist that currently specializes in digital painting. I also dabble in traditional arts occasionally, to include pen and paper drawing as well as sculpting.


I am a stay at home partner that creates art for fun and to generate a little passive income. I reside in the "sunny" state of Florida. I enjoy animals tremendously and keep a small menagerie of beloved pets. Camping, hiking and general admiration of nature is something I take great joy in. My love of nature extends into my gardening and plant collecting. One day I hope to have a proper bit of land to grow my garden bigger and raise healthy livestock (Especially chickens!)

Pricing and TOS


  • Basic Headshot (examples 1-2): $35

  • Detailed Headshot (examples 3-4): $70

Half Body

  • Basic Half Body (examples 1-2): $40

  • Detailed Half Body (examples 3-4): $80

Full Body

  • Basic Full Body (examples 1-2): $50

  • Detailed Full Body (examples 3-4): $100


  • Basic Background: Free

  • Blurred Background: Starts at $20

  • Detailed Background: Starts at: $60


  • Clothing, weapons, tools: Additional price dependent on complexity.

  • Additional characters: 20% Discount applied to additional character.

  • Extra version (IE: nude/clothed): 25%-50% extra per version dependent upon complexity.

  • Characters with fully detailed scaled skin (IE: Dragons) will cost an additional 45%

Will Do:

  • Quadrupeds

  • Anthros/Furries

  • Humanoids

  • Gore/Violence

  • Cute

  • Tasteful Nudity

Will Not Do:

  • Porn

  • Lewds

  • Kinks

  • Illegal subject matter

I reserve the right to decline the commission if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Payment will be due after the sketch is approved.
I currently only accept payments through PayPal.

All finished artwork will be featured in my online galleries unless specifically requested otherwise.

Gallery Links


If you'd like to commission me, I can easily be contacted through Discord: Kanowyn#0713
or through my Twitter link provided below!