Kanowyn Doodles

Greetings. I am Kano, or Kanowyn. I am so pleased you are here! I am an artist that currently specializes in digital painting. I also dabble in traditional arts occasionally, to include pen and paper drawing as well as sculpting.


I am a self employed woman that enjoys creating visual art. I reside in the wonderful state of Florida in the United States. I value and enjoy the creatures of the world, and shepherd a small menagerie of beloved pets. I take great joy in camping, hiking and general admiration of nature. My love of the outdoors extends into my gardening and plant tending. One day I desire to have a proper bit of my own land to grow a respectable garden and raise healthy livestock (Especially chickens!).~~ I stream LIVE on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at


Portrait- single character

  • Colored Sketch Portrait (example 1): $40

  • Rendered Portrait (example 2): $150

Half Body- single character

  • Colored Sketch Half Body (example 1): $50

  • Rendered Half Body (example 2): $170

Full Body- single character

  • Colored Sketch Full Body (example 1): $60

  • Rendered Full Body (example 2): $250


  • Basic Background (example 1): Free

  • Simple Background (example 2): $40-$80

  • Detailed Background (example 3): $120-$250

Full Illustrations

  • Starting at $350


  • Clothing, weapons, tools: Possible additional price dependent on complexity.

  • Extra version (IE: nude/clothed): 25%-50% extra per version dependent upon complexity.

  • Characters with fully detailed scaled or feathered skin (IE: Dragons or gryphons) will cost an additional 25% due to the required investment of time.

Will Do:

  • Quadrupeds

  • Anthros/Furries

  • Humanoids

  • Gore/Violence

  • Cute

  • Tasteful Nudity

  • Character Sheets (Inquire for pricing)

Will Not Do:

  • Porn

  • Lewds

  • Kinks

  • Illegal subject matter

I reserve the right to decline the commission if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Partial payment will be due after the sketch is approved. The remaining balance is to be paid in full upon completion of the piece (you will be shown a watermarked completed version). The full file will be sent after the final payment is received.
I currently only accept payments via PayPal invoices.

All finished artwork will be featured in my online galleries unless it is specifically requested otherwise.

Galleries and Important Links


If you'd like to commission me, I can easily be contacted through Discord: Kanowyn
or through my Twitter link provided below!